Why you should run Windows instead of Mac…

How many times have you heard the Mac vs. PC argument? Probably too many times, even from Apple themselves. In this article, I will attempt to settle it once and for all. Windows will run on a Mac, but not the other way around, so if it’s just software you are looking for maybe just VMware or Parallels will work fine for you.

When you are on a Mac, there are limited upgrade options because of driver support, but on Windows, you can pretty much use any hardware that you want to upgrade your system. Also, there is no budget Mac that is easily upgradable, but there are nearly an infinite number of configurations for PC users.

If you like to play games on your system, then Windows would probably be your OS of choice because there is a larger selection of games. This is probably because of the percentage of users on Windows compared to Mac. You could still buy a good Mac and run Windows in bootcamp.

Windows is just better for video editing, Period. It runs Premiere better and software like Sony Vegas is not available for the Mac. If you are just doing basic editing, then iMovie should be fine and if you are a professional, then Final Cut Pro would be brilliant. The problem is that there is nothing in-between, another reason why Windows is better for video editing.

People say that since the Mac app store, there is better software available for the Mac, but the problem is that the software is specialised in certain industries and generally it just runs on Windows.

The thing to remember is that you can buy a Mac and run Windows on it, but not run Mac OS X on Windows so if you have the money to spend and can’t decide, buy a Mac.

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