Microsoft allows you to add RAW support to Windows 7…

Do you own a DSLR camera that supports RAW, but you don’t own expensive software like Adobe Bridge to actually use the files? Many people have the problem, but don’t worry because Microsoft has brought out a codec pack that allows you to manipulate these files without expensive software.

This codec pack allows windows to support file formats specific to certain devices, it will work inside Windows Explorer so no need for any third party programs.

If you want to try shooting in RAW to get better editing capabilities, you can go to the Microsoft Download Centre, find the page for the Microsoft Camera Codec Pack and download the installer. Make sure you choose the right version (x86 for 32 bit and amd64 for 64 bit operating systems).

Microsoft has produced this list of cameras that this device will support:

  • Canon: EOS 1000D (EOS Kiss F      in Japan and the EOS Rebel XS in North America), EOS 10D, EOS 1D Mk2,      EOS 1D Mk3, EOS 1D Mk4, EOS 1D Mk2 N, EOS 1Ds Mk2, EOS 1Ds Mk3, EOS 20D,      EOS 300D (the Kiss Digital in Japan and the Digital Rebel in North      America) , EOS 30D, EOS 350D (the Canon EOS Kiss Digital N in Japan      and EOS Digital Rebel XT in North America), EOS 400D (the Kiss      Digital X in Japan and the Digital Rebel XTi in North America), EOS      40D, EOS 450D (EOS Kiss X2 in Japan and the EOS Rebel XSi in North      America), EOS 500D (EOS Kiss X3 in Japan and the EOS Rebel T1i in      North America), EOS 550D (EOS Kiss X4 in Japan, and as the EOS      Rebel T2i in North America), EOS 50D, EOS 5D, EOS 5D Mk2, EOS 7D, EOS      D30, EOS D60, G2, G3, G5, G6, G9, G10, G11, Pro1, S90
  • Nikon: D100, D1H, D200, D2H,      D2Hs, D2X, D2Xs, D3, D3s, D300, D3000, D300s, D3X, D40, D40x, D50, D5000,      D60, D70, D700, D70s, D80, D90, P6000
  • Sony: A100, A200, A230, A300,      A330, A350, A380, A700, A850, A900, DSC-R1
  • Olympus: C7070, C8080, E1, E10,      E20, E3, E30, E300, E330, E400, E410, E420, E450, E500, E510, E520, E620,      EP1
  • Pentax (PEF formats only): K100D,      K100D Super, K10D, K110D, K200D, K20D, K7, K-x, *ist D, *ist DL, *ist DS
  • Leica: Digilux 3, D-LUX4, M8,      M9
  • Minolta: DiMage A1, DiMage A2,      Maxxum 7D (Dynax 7D in Europe, α-7 Digital in Japan)
  • Epson: RD1
  • Panasonic: G1, GH1, GF1, LX3

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