Top 5 ways to cool your laptop

Now that winter is upon us, everybody has their heating on, have you thought about what this could do to your laptop? It might cause it to overheat and then shut down when you are in the middle of something, or make the fans wear out faster, but don’t worry because this article will tell you how to cool your laptop better (even for free!).

If you have your laptop on your desk, you will notice that the fan may start to run more and this can be annoying for you. One way to stop this is to use a cooling pad, which are available for as little as £10. It has fans built in, this will mean that your laptop’s fan will be assisted and therefore not have to work as hard. They normally also raise up your laptop which can be a better position for typing.

You could also simply change your power plan in Windows 7 from high performance to balanced or power saver. Your computer may be slightly slower, but it will save power and your computer won’t have to be cooled as much.

If you have had your laptop for a long time, you may find that there is dust in the air vents and fan. This can be easily rectified with a can of compressed air which you can spray in all of the holes to remove dust.

Another easy way to keep your computer cool is to turn down your heating a little bit because laptops work better in a cooler environment. That is why server rooms are normally kept below 20 degrees.

The final way to cool your laptop is probably one of the most effective and cheapest. Simply raise your laptop up. You could use bottle tops and blue-tack, a pencil, an old TV controller or like me, glue two bits of wood together and put it underneath the back of your laptop so that the fan has more cool air to circulate.

Hopefully this will help make your laptop fan last a bit longer and make your computer run better.

Merry Christmas!

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