Why you need a Kindle…

Most people in the UK have heard about the Kindle, the latest E-Reader from Amazon, read on to find out more. There are 2 versions available in the UK: the standard Kindle (4th Generation) only available with Wi-Fi and there is also the Kindle Keyboard, a device that has Wi-fi and 3G (with no contract!).

One benefit to the Kindle is that you can pay around £10 and get a newspaper delivered to your device, over the internet, every day. The Kindle is also a lot smaller than a newspaper and easier to hold. If you find a newspaper hard to read because of small text, you can make the text bigger on the Kindle, so this is no longer a problem.

The screen on Amazon’s Kindle is a 6” E-ink screen which means it looks like a printed page and is very easy on the eye. It is not backlit like an LCD though, so you will need light in the room where you are reading. The screen is the perfect size for a mobile device and although it flashes with every page turn, you get used to it.

The obvious benefit to the kindle is that it weighs 170g which is less than a book and it can hold around 2,000 with its 4 GB of storage. You can also store audiobooks on it and listen through the standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom or through the speakers built in to the kindle (which leave a lot to be desired). The problem with listening to audiobooks is that this is just an “Experimental” feature so it may be a little buggy.

So, if you are an avid reader or are just looking for a new gadget, then this is for you. This is by no means a replacement for any tablet (it does have a web browser, but this is also “experimental”) as you cannot watch videos on the device because of the screen technology.

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  • Hi Louis ! I have same opinion about e-readers ! I am also glad and I think many promoters overlook the fact that using Kindle and similar devises drastically reduces deforestation! So by buying a E-reader device you actually saving the forest !
    Hope this comment make a point !

    Regards Tim Banks

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