Day 3 – Going without a PC…

Today is my third day without a PC and I am struggling, although basic PC users won’t have this problem. Today I needed to use Photoshop, but obviously couldn’t on my iPad. This won’t be a problem for most users, only people who need to more than basic web browsing, email and office.

The iPad is a really great device and is a lot easier to use than a desktop PC. If you are looking for a new computer, at this point, I urge you to go and try an iPad. With an external keyboard it will work fine for nearly any tasks. The only problem that you might have is if you need to run specialist software, like I mentioned above about Photoshop or for example, some CRM software for business or financial software.

If you are a basic home user, the iPad would be a perfect device for you.

Come back to this blog in a few days to read my final thoughts on using an iPad instead of a normal computer.

You can see my first post on this here and here


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  • Wow, I never considered if I could go without my Mac in exchange for only using my iPad. Very interesting project, I may try this someday. I agree that for basic home users it’s prefect, but where you run this website it must be a struggle keeping an eye on things just from an iPad 🙂

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