Essential first time camera Accessories

When purchasing your first camera the many bundles and accessories that a shop can offer can be daunting and confusing!

In this post I will run through the Essential first time camera Accessories for any camera!!


When you choose your camera it is important it suits your needs, meaning that if you are going to go to the odd family party and take some photo’s for yourself then you will be able to get away with a compact point and shoot.

However, if you are a more advanced camera user then you might want to purchase a Hybrid or SLR Camera, these range in price from £200 all the way up to £7000 for the Pro Photographer gear!


A memory card is Essential for storing photo’s that you have taken! Cameras do normally have built in storage but these normal only hold 2-5 Photo’s, which is not enough for a trip to the zoo or the beach!

SD Card storage ranges from 1GB to 64GB with costs ranging from card to card. As well as cost, speed varies from card to card. SD Cards have whats called Classes, Class 2 being the slowest and class 10 being the fastest, think of it as gears in your car, gear 2 is for slow speeds but higher gears equals more speed!

A great place to purchase SD cards and all kinds of storage media is: Memory Bits


No one wants to find out that there camera battery’s have died half way through a party or a day out, because of this an Extra camera battery is essential for a day out!

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