Are Internet Explorer users Dumb?

A company called AptiQuant Released a study showing that Internet explorer uses are Dumb!

AptiQuant posted a free IQ test, then compared the results from more than 100,000 self-selected volunteers.

However there was a press release about the study,

‘Internet Explorer has traditionally been considered a pain in the back for web developers. Any IT company involved in web development will acknowledge the fact that millions of man hours are wasted each year to make otherwise perfectly functional websites work in Internet Explorer, because of its lack of compatibility with web standards. The continuous use of older versions of IE by millions of people around the world has often haunted web developers.”

The study shows the results from 2006 compared to 2011, the results are quite significant, in 2006 the Average IQ score for IE6 was 104 and dropped down to 83 in 2011, Whereas browsers such as Firefox show an increase in there average betwwen 2006 with an average of 106 and 108 in 2011. The study was released last tuesday since then the company have been flooded wirh hate mail from Internet Explorer users.

Despite having loads of hate mail the SEO of AptiQuant protects his company’s report.

“I just want to make it clear that the report released by my company did not suggest that if you use IE that means you have a low IQ, but what it really says is that if you have a low IQ then there are high chances that you use Internet Explorer.” Leonard Howard, CEO, AptiQuant

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