Games Consoles… In Public Toilets?

You would be forgiven for not putting going to the toilet and gaming together – they aren’t really the sort of activities that are generally thought of as going hand-in-hand. However, one company in the UK have developed a product for public toilets that may well change this.

Captive Media believes that their public toilet gaming consoles fill a gap in the market. The console itself consists of a Windows 7 Embedded machine including Intel’s Dual Core Atom CPU and a 12″ LCD sitting behind a sheet of toughened glass to prevent ‘accidents’ or breakage. The controls for the system are via an array of infra-red sensors in the toilet bowl following the trail of urine.

The user moves the urine trail towards one of three stickers in the bowl – Start, Left or Right. This controls a character on the screen moving down a ski slope. The user has an opportunity at the end to be able to tweet their result and post to a live leaderboard with an Internet enabled smartphone.

As expected, companies have seen the potential of this device for advertising. As the average male spends 9 months of their life glued to the loo, this is an ideal opportunity for companies to push their products to a male audience. Organizations purchasing the device get a quarter of the advertising space for themselves, as well as a cut on the other 3/4 of external adverts displayed.

The machines are already installed and running at a bar in London – The Exhibit bar in Balham has installed the devices to attempt to ‘differentiate themselves from the competition’.

One finding from the installation of the devices was that toilets were markedly cleaner, thanks to the users’ new found accuracy.


So, what do we all think? A really great idea or a real waste of time? Let us know in the comments.

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