A Video Camera, Audio recorder and Pen Combined into One Device

0 2018

A spy pen is a new product that has video, audio  and pen combined recording capabilities while still working as a normal pen. These relatively new items have a wide range of uses. Many students use them to record notes and lectures in class, police officers have used them to record arrests and other events from their shirt pocket and parents use them to see what their kids are up to when they are not home.


There are many different makes and models of recording pens. One type has a slot for a micro SD card that supports up to 16GB cards. Another type of spy pen has built in memory and a USB plug so that you can attach the pen right into your computer. Both types have their advantages, but personally I like to be able to use my own memory card.

The devices are so easy to use. They have one button that you can hold to turn it on and then another push will start recording. When you are done, just press the button again to stop recording. To view the files, just plug the pen into any computer via an USB cord. They also charge via USB and the batteries last for around 2 hours. Here is a link to some test video footage from one spy pen.

Surprisingly, spy pens are not that expensive. If you are looking to buy one without a memory card included you can get one for right around $20 dollars. A 4GB pen will be less than 30 dollars and up from there with 16 GB pens around $70. There are other high end pens that have motion sensors that cost hundreds of dollars.

If you are looking for a new toy to play with this summer, a device to take school or business notes with, or you’re just a spy gadget collector, take a look at our collection of spy pens at SpyPen.net.


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