About Dan (Founder)
Hi, Dan here, Founder of thetechvoid I’m 19 years old and I love tech, this is my first website and I’m still learning how to use things. As a career i want to be  in design so i am studying a graphics course and a few others to get started, next year i want to do an architects course to do designs of buildings etc. To start a small career alongside I am hoping that my youtube account develops overtime.
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About Harry (Editor and Writer)
Hi I’m Harry The Editor and Writer of The TechVoid.com I am 18 and I love Technology!
Ever since I was a young boy I have loved technology and I was the person to call on if you had a Technology related problem when I was in primary School.
My outlook on technology has changed in the past two years. Before I would want the best I could get but now I realize that paying out alot of money for something I dont need isnt necessary.
I have a keen interest in Photography and I am the Official Photographer for a Mod/Ska/2Tone Band called P45.
I will be writing some posts relating to Photography too as well as Technology.
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