You can never have too many backups

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aboutme_jeanIn my personal experience, I’ve had around 20 hard drives installed on different machines throughout the years, at least 4 of those drives have failed. Thats a pretty high failure rate for something so critical in a computer, probably the first / only thing that seems to go wrong as often in computing.

In a typical gaming rig, you’ll often find the very latest in technology simply because games require a massive amount of programming and graphics power to run properly. Its also hard running, I don’t know any servers pushed to run at 100% for as long a periods of time as much as hardcore gaming rigs do. Gamers are the first to adapt new technology as soon as it comes out, they push the envelope and overclock the living daylights out of everything.

Solid state drives as an example, a pretty new invention in the world of storage made a massive difference to gamers, loading up new levels as soon as they had ended and giving multiplayer users that added advantage of being on set immediately. The problem with pushing the boundary of technology is its still not as reliable as you’d expect. I’ve had 2 out of 5 SSD’s in my rig die, which in a ratio to mechanical hard drives leaves me with an even higher failure rate. Granted, when you get a decent high spec SSD built for lots of hammering, you will have a good reliable drive – but they are prone to fail just the same as normal mechanical or cheaper SSD hard drives.

When it comes to making a solid copy of your data, it’s really important to think outside the box. Most people will have a backup hard drive and sometimes make a manual copy of their data. In reality, you’d be pretty screwed if something had to go wrong and your backups were a month out of date. If you’re going to make a backup, you need to have it running permanently. There are a few “set and forget” backup solutions available, some are free and limit you to just backing up to your own local drives, others are online provided by online backup companies, and they can be cheap to expensive.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re backing up to more than one place, two copies of local backups and one copy online is ideal. Some of the more quality online backup UK providers will also do two copies of online backup, meaning you’re ultra secure. Make sure you do your homework whatever you use, and stay safe!


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