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Introduction of E-Cigarettes:

Electronic cigarettes, often nicked as e-cigarettes, are electronic devices which operates on batteries designed to look like regular tobacco cigarettes. A rather sophisticated substitute to its lethal little brother the cigarette. With a complete similarity in its primary function, an e-cigarette is no different from the regular cigarettes, and is used as by the passionate and the addicted to fulfill their daily smoking desires.

electronic-cigarette-clearomizer-for-modelIt is available in many flavors and is pretty much renowned mostly in the posh class of people since it is available at a price costlier than the regular cigarettes. The major components of the e cigarette from china are vegetable glycol and/or propylene glycol both of which are glucose components and safe to use, what poses a threat to the regular user of this e-cigarette is the variable amount of nicotine present in them. Although the tobacco is very well eliminated yet the nicotine stays and is a very popular carcinogen (an object that causes cancer). All these components gets mixed into a liquid known as e-juice or e-liquid.


Working of  E-cigarettes:

Here’s how it works, a prime component called the CARTRIGE hold all the liquid in it without letting the liquid out of it from the open end. The closed end is where the person using it puffs in the vapor; this end is most commonly blocked by using a sponge type material, to allow only the vapors and not the liquid. An ATOMIZER is the next component which does the job of vaporization or the way manufactures like to call it “atomization” of the liquid within to vapors. These vapors are sucked into the user’s mouth where they form a smoke cloud resembling the regular smoke cloud of a cigarette and leaving a beautiful and fruity essence in the mouth due to its flavor. A BATTERY is the power source which helps the atomizer function properly; this battery is mostly lithium ion and is rechargeable. Though the battery gives life to this entire cigarette, it also wears of the atomizer causing it to burn out completely after a few period of time.


Legal issues regarding the E-cigarettes:

Manufacturers claim that electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to conventional cigarettes. However, the FDA has questioned the safety of such cigarettes. When the FDA checked samples of 2 different brands, they discovered uneven quantities of nicotine and traces of toxic chemicals, containing well-known cancer-causing components (carcinogens). This encouraged the FDA to order a caution about possible health risks associated with e-cigarettes.

The World Health Organization stated in September 2008 that no thorough or proper studies have been performed showing that the electronic cigarette is a safe and effective nicotine substitution therapy. WHO does not markdown the likelihood that the e-cigarette could be useful as a smoking termination method, but insisted that claims that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit need to be backed up by clinical studies and toxicity analyses and operate within the proper regulatory framework. Click here for more information about electronic cigarettes.



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