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Edward_GuraryEdward Gurary is a successful business man. Through his life he has worked with many companies. In January 2007, Edward Gurary began to work for Winncom Technology Corp. in the USA.

Winncom Technologies Corporation is a worldwide distributor and provider of wired and wireless networking products.

Wireless networking products offered by the company include a variety of accessories, cables and cable assemblies, antennas, installation tools, diagnostic tools, licensed and unlicensed point-to-point systems, MESH wireless equipment, network systems, network management systems, solutions for websites, СCTV systems, wireless broadband Wi-Fi products, WLAN, and wireless WAN and LAN point-to-multipoint systems.

Winncom also provides engineering services: point-to-point link calculation, outdoor Wi-Fi LAN planner analysis, indoor Wi-Fi LAN planner analysis, and outdoor PTMP systems configuration, not to mention financial services, which include extended payment terms, credit card options, and electronic payment. In addition, the company offers wireless networking solutions, including commercial Wi-Fi wireless LAN, licensed and unlicensed bands backhaul point-to-point, proprietary broadband point-to-multipoint, WiMAX broadband point-to-multipoint, surveillance solutions, and security solutions.

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