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Evolution of social networks: Most important features in last 5 years

The social media have been never static, but rather constantly changing with the advancement in technology and changing needs of the people. The last five years have witnessed tremendous growth in social media and networks. Many new features have been developed on the social networks and more would be introduced in the future. One of these is the growth in the number of people subscribed on the various social networks all over the world. More people are able to access social networks through wide provision of internet services in most countries. In addition, the development of advanced mobile phones such as affordable smart phones capable of accessing social networks has made it possible for more people to join social networks. Owing to this, many social networks usable over the phones have emerged and those initially used via the computers are now available on the mobile gadgets. The most established social networks in terms of subscribers and use include the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedln and Whatsapp.

The social networks have also introduced features that enable people to send messages and different forms of media courtesy to compatible mobile phones. The social networks enable people to share pictures, videos, images, songs and other media from their mobile phones and this has attracted many people worldwide. The social networks have also introduced ways of protecting the privacy of subscribers, enabling them to select people to share their information and media without revealing it to all users. The mainstream media have also joined the social networks to keep pace with the changing needs of people regarding news and information. The social networks are also used for advertisements. These features have transformed social network into important media all over the world.

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