Extra Features of GTA 5 Special Edition

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extra features of gta 5 special editionGTA V is probably the most awaited by gamers worldwide.A crazy waiting that has not seen for years. And although its release is still seated on September 17, Rockstar has unveiled the digital goodies that will be in addition to the cake in special editions. Approximately , you can get a slew of upgrades and accessories for three
protagonists as well as your character in Grand Theft Auto Online. To be more specific, here is the comprehensive detail:

Additional weapons
Depending on the model, your local arms dealer will still stock some firearms without additional cost that will also have their own customization options, appearances and accessories – 50 caliber pistol and rifle Bullpup. You will also have access to Hammer, a brutal weapon in melee.

Additional outfits, Tattoos and More
When you visit stores in Los Santos and Blaine County, Michael, Franklin and Trevor will receive a special discount of 20% with access to a special purpose or in their personal wardrobe or in stores. Each character will receive an outfit, an article of clothing (shirts, sweatshirts and jackets), a special haircut, a shave and a tattoo.

Special characters in Grand Theft Auto Online (Collector’s Edition only)
GTA Online offers a new approach to the creation of traditional characters with a system based on heredity. Select the look of your character by choosing the heritage of your parents, then use the level of dominance of genes to change your appearance to suit your preference. Added to this, you customiserez the daily activities of your character – everything from family time, illegal work, sport, spent hours on the couch, will impact the appearance and skills of your character (and you can always increase the statistics of your skill level via gameplay). In the Collector’s Edition package, you can use Niko Bellic and Claude and Misty Grand Theft Auto III in the character creation system.

Boost Special Skill
Michael, Franklin and Trevor each have their own Special Skill, which can be activated once everyone has completed his Special Skill bar which is based on various actions. Michael is a great shooter – his special ability can slow down time during an exchange of gunfire allowing it to reach its target with great ease. Franklin is the official driver for precise reflexes – his Special Skill allows him to slow down time when driving any vehicle, allowing it to move quickly and easily through traffic and take turns at high speed. Trevor is a junkie sociopath, muddle-headed, irritable – his Special Skill makes mad, inflicting double damage to enemies while halved those he receive. With this boost included in the Collector and Special Editions Special Skill bar fills up 25% faster.

Challenges Aerobatic
Browse Los Santos and Blaine County at great speed at the Progressives Aerobatic Grand Theft Auto V. In five exciting and unique challenges, you are setting yourself through mountains, deserts, oceans and cities when you browse the sky through a maze of checkpoints, each positioned to push the limits of your plane Vaulting. Complete each test piloting skill improve your character. Compare your time with your friends and compete with the number 1 on the scoreboard.

Acquisition Garages and Vehicles Unique (Collector’s Edition only)
The Collector’s Edition also offers an exclusive garage to store your customized vehicles, which will be provided with a sports bike and CarbonRS hotknife – style racing car 30 years. In Grand Theft Auto Online, your garage and the electric car high-end Khamelion specific to GTA Online, will both be available for purchase on the websites of the game via the mobile of your character.

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