Google Cloud-The Online Technology Shaping The Future

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The new Google Cloud Storage services is geared toward developers in an effort to make their storages and access to programs directly through Google’s vast networked worldwide infrastructure. There is no limit to the size of files or programs that can be stored in Google’s cloud. Access is also streamlined by allowing multiple users to access the same source content from different locations
There access point is managed through its REST API, you can also use Google’s storage maker, it has features that allow you to drag and drop your files in their respective buckets. You can also use GSUtil, this is a command line type tool that allows for advanced as well as basic task functions. Your Google cloud can be activate via the API console, for user who have no experience with the console, there is an extensive user guide which offer step by step instructions on its use.
The console offers a great graphical interface that allows your manage and activate various APIs. You can control your billing, custom features and access authorizations. Your various project portals allow you to add one or more APIs, and your billing is linked to your projects. Although your billing is linked with each project, and your projects are accessible by other offsite team members, you are able to place limits and restricting to manage usage. Google’s Cloud Storage service has several positive features
The cloud supports users having several buckets as well as files or objects that are terabytes in size. Its data consistency is among the top on the market currently. It allows for your viewing of the files after you upload them to assure constancy. In short, right after upload you are able to download it to other locations, edit or even delete it from the system. There is no scope for the availability of corrupted programs of files and the system won’t allow them to be accessed if found corrupted.

According to Daniel Goffin, Head of IT at, Google Cloud is helping their business immensely:

Google cloud storage has enabled us to have greater flexibility to accommodate growth because we don’t have to buy expensive new kit in order to expand our IT systems. Instead, everything is online and more capacity can be added instantly making it a whole lot easier.


How Does Google Cloud Storage Work?

The Cloud uses ACL to manage access to storages buckets and objects, the configuration option allows for person t person sharing or world wide access. You can also limit or provide access to a Google group, certain accounts or even a particular domain. Google Cloud utilises OAuth 2.0 authentication. This is basically token based which allow you to assign tokens to certain application in order to act on your account. There is a complete guide available that can detail the process in depth. You are also able to offer personal user based downloads that are browser authenticated to specific individual Google accounts. This is performed by applying and ACL to the object and forwarding the url to the user. You are able to inform user where the buckets or file based are actually stored in the world and you are also able to make this information private.
Being that the cloud is internet based and uses the companies vast portals and infrastructure; the actual location of your stored information doesn’t have any effect on the ability to access and use it regardless of your location.

Technology is something that is always in a constant state of flux. New innovations can be hardware, software, or even services that allow consumers, business and enterprises to move forward at the speed of light. Staying ahead of the curve is the only way to ensure you are able to offer the best in new tech for your business.



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