How to Recover Files from Corrupted Partition after Virus Invasion

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Virus Corrupted Files Recovery

As we know, computers play an important role in our life and work, and we store massive important files on computer. However, as a famous saying goes, every coin has two sides. There is no doubt that many users have experienced different kinds of problems while using computer files. For instance, they may find their partitions get corrupted, and computer viruses are one of the main reasons. As a result, users cannot access the files stored on these corrupted partitions.

 Overview of Corrupted Partition 

Partitions often corrupt. And, if a partition gets corrupted or damaged, users cannot access its data.

In general, there are many factors (like computer virus invasion, human error, installation or defective software etc.) contributing to partition corruption. To be honest, partition corruption is likely to bring huge economic loss for users. Therefore, users are eager to know how to retrieve files from corrupted partition timely and effectively.

 Recover Files from Corrupted Partition

 If users encounter corrupted partition, they can turn to professional data recovery software and data recovery companies to timely restore lost files. Although companies can help to recover files, users need to pay high recovery fees and have to bear the risk of privacy leakage. Therefore, turning to files  recovery software is the best choice for most common users. However, many users don’t know which software to choose.

 Excellent Corrupted Files Recovery Software

Although there are numerous numbers of data recovery programs which can help to retrieve files from corrupted partition, most of them have flaws and cannot ensure data security. In general, users can try using MiniTool Power Data Recovery since it has been awarded as the top 10 Windows data recovery software on TOPTENREVIEWS and enjoys more than 1,685,539 downloads from CENT. It is an all-in-one recovery program designed to recover data that have been lost in a variety of ways like virus invasion. Besides, it doesn’t require technical knowledge since it provides wizard-based operation and simple interface. What’s more, this app can keep data safe even in case of power outages.

How to Recover Files from Corrupted Partition after Virus Invasion


If you want to know how to recover corrupted files without affecting the original data, you should install MiniTool Power Data Recovery on computer first. After that, launch it.

main interface

In the main interface, you are presented with several relatively independent data recovery modules, and you can choose a suitable one to recover lost files. To recover files from corrupted partition, you can click “Damaged Partition Recovery”.




In this window, you can see all partitions and disks in your computer. Now, select the partition you want to recover. After that, click “Full Scan” button.


Finally, check all desired files in the right side and save them on a safe place. Thus, all work has been done.

If you encounter corrupted partitions, you can turn to MiniTool Power Data Recovery to timely recover files. It is an excellent yet free files recovery program which can quickly recover files from corrupted partition without affecting original data.




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