Internet Speed Test and 4 tips to get full subscription

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After Internet High speed revolution on Hong Kong Europe and United states many people have faced many problems with slowly internet connection. First of all we will test our connection speed then according to the result we will know if we are facing connection problems.


To check your internet speed you can use some online tools like Internet Speed Test , this tools will start a virtual download and upload test to check your download and upload speed.

You should know that you may get some difference between your subscription speed and real

Speed (tested on first step), this variation may be caused by distance between modem and your computer or you may have some problems on your modem or having some application installed on your computer without your permission.

      I.         Wired connection or try to minimize distance between modem and computer

If you cannot change your wireless connection to wire just try to minimize distance between your computer and modem.

     II.         Trojan protection

Malware can easily affect your connection speed so you must be sure that your antivirus is updated and running weekly scan on your pc.

   III.         Limit your download

Do not try to download or upload more than one file at the same time or it will affect your connection experience and your speed will more slowly.

   IV.         Clean your computer and registry cache

Try to clean your registry every one month using ccleaner; registry may include a lot of wasted space (web browser history- cache- password and mails …).

    V.         Using speed booster programs

First I didn’t believe about speed booster programs because you have a limit which is your subscription , if you have a 20 Mb/s subscription you can’t get 21 Mb/s but if you use this programs you can get your full subscription which on our example 20 Mb/s.

I already try and I notice an important improvement on my connection speed so you can try it.

Med Loumi is a Tech freelancer writer specializing on Internet and technology tutorials; he is running now a simple blog that gives people some hacking tips to protect themselves from being hacked.



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