iPhone 5 Details

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-The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone

The launch of the new iPhone 5 happened last night and it has an all new design, some of the top new features, include a 4 inch retina display, ultra fast wireless, and an all new powerful A6 chip, and not to mention the new charging connector.

The first thing im going to talk about is the new display, it’s a retina display which is a new 4 inch version of the iPhone, the display is 30% thinner than its predecessor (iPhone 4s) The resolution coming form the new 4 inch display is much better than the 4s , individual pixels cannot be seen and the resolution is 1136×640.

Due to the iPhone 5 being thinner a layer of touch screen was changed and taken out meaning that the colours on the retina display are even better than before , meaning brighter and vivid gaming, apps and not to mention videos and films.

Next is the ultra fast wireless, LTE has grown and apple has been working with many carriers in a lot of countries, so the iPhone 5 will have a ultra fast network and mobile speed.

With the iPhone being the next model you expect a new chip, and this is an A6 new chip from apple and is twice as fast as the A5 chip. Along with this is a noticeable performance in the graphics which are great for not only the IOS but for the avid gamer. With a rich display and faster graphics there is still a better battery life, and will last you a whole day.

Another new change is the charger instead of a 30 pin connector its called the lighting pin and is small and durable and can be put in anyway.

New features that have been added
– Panorama
– HD cameras for face time
– Lighting connector
– Apple maps
– New Siri features

More reviews will be coming out for the iPhone 5 these were the iphone5 detials


  1. I am ready for Apple to get with the program and eliminate the charger. Will the next versions have wireless chargers?

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