Is Expensive Audio Equipment Necessary?

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Your car stereo may rattle windows three blocks away. Your wife may feel a rumbling in her chest every time you crank up your stereo in the basement. Even the pets may walk as if static electricity makes their feet uncomfortable, when you have the home theater cranked up. But, do you really NEED expensive audio equipment? Really, just how much bass, and how much volume, does anyone need? Well, there is a lot more to look for when you seek out top-of-the-line audio equipment.


Well, people who have actually owned crazy-expensive speakers certainly understand why a person would want them. If you’ve never heard a well-designed system, you can’t possibly understand the difference high quality equipment makes. Audiophiles know, and they’re the ones who really value hi-tech speakers.

Speakers that are purchases specifically for your home – whether for the man cave or the kitchen, takes the music from simply listening to music to an acoustic experience that can be rivaled only by attendance at a live event. In fact, you can become even more immersed in the performance, because it is not limited by the PA system of a concert venue. The raw emotional response you’ll have will catch you off guard.


Even the cables you may use in your system can make a difference. Recommendations from most audiophiles are that, if you are going to invest in high dollar audio equipment, you should also have it installed professionally. And, professionals will tell you that even though speakers are of vital importance, it is the supporting components that make the system actually work. The speakers can only emit sound as well as they receive it. Cables and cords that have bent wires, or the incorrect gauge of wiring, can allow or produce interference in the signal. A professional should be able to evaluate the space you are wiring and equipping. Hi-end audio can bring the performers right into your room, putting you right in the middle of the performance for a rewarding and emotional experience. And, good cables can make or break the deal.

So, How Much?

So, how much can you spend on your audio equipment? Well, check out YG Acoustics Anat III Professional Signature Loudspeakers. They come with a titanium finish, and cost a mere $119,000. Or, maybe you’re set up for speakers, but your turntable has come up short. Not to worry, for $37,000 – pocket change, really – you can get a Brinkmann Balance Turntable. The quietness of this turntable, plus the longevity, will mean that you have heavy-duty listening for years to come. Balance has set the standard for turntables for 30 years, with no sign of slowing down.

And, don’t forget the amplifier. Once again, work from the source of the sound out. If you can’t have the performing group itself in the room with you, and you’ve already bought a killer turntable, you’ll need an amplifier that doesn’t distort any of the ranges in the music. The $11,500 Ayon Triton II Integrated Amplifier should do the trick, nicely. And, the tubes look really cool, too.

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