Latest SEO Methods – Will It Help in Improving Your Alexa Rank

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Seo-Creative2What’s good is an Alexa rank in SEO? Latest SEO Methods Does a higher rank mean that the website is going to be in the first page of the search engine results? Well, the answer is yes and no.

Search engines-Alexa interrelationship

If your website claims more traffic than others, you move a few rungs up Alexa. However, search engines do not rank websites on the basis of traffic always. They have other criteria also to determine the position of the website. It only rates websites based on traffic and no other criteria.

Besides, Alexa is no search engine either. Although, it does have a search feature, it is there to find out the relative rank of your website in terms of traffic. Search engines do not depend anyway on the Alexa ranking of a website to determine its position. The utility of this site is in the fact that it is an indexing system, and it offers some very powerful analytical tools (if you subscribe to Alexa Pro, that is).

For new websites trying to make a place on the web, this ranking website is of very little use (borderline no-use). It may even show your website a ‘no rank’ status! For experienced websites (it is safe to assume that websites have personalities), it can be useful for understanding the traffic flow. You can actually have some very in depth understanding about the nature of traffic to your website. There are three subscription packages in Alexa. There are ‘the basic’, ‘the insight’, and ‘the advanced’ packages. Subscribing to these packages can be useful once you have a website that gets considerable traffic.

Concentrate on SEO

However, subscribing to these packages would not improve your rankings on search engines. Neither will a website that’s on the first page of a search engine, would necessarily feature in the top list on Alexa. However, from the analysis you get from it, you can definitely try various SEO strategies based on them.

As you successfully employ SEO, your site would get more traffic, and your rank will certainly rise. Alexa analytics would assist you in customizing your website according to traffic behaviour. Since you are employing better, and customized SEO strategies, your site’s visibility on search engines would also increase.

There you have the best of both worlds, a good position on the search engine, and on Alexa even. Try your best SEO methods like uploading fresh and engaging content periodically, and your rankings would improve by themselves. Analyze this hike of traffic through the Alexa pro tools, and bring in the changes that you think would better prospects of your website. Your website automatically ranks even better on search engines.

The range of expectations

There is another thing to remember about these rankings. If you are expecting a rank in the first 100 websites in Alexa, then either you are over expecting or your website daily attracts millions of visitors every day. There are billions of websites out there in the internet, with new websites adding up every day. An independent online resource shows as of May 5, 2013, there are 13.99 billion pages in the indexed web! It is, in fact, a great achievement if you have a website that’s within 100,000 in Alexa ranking.

Of course, there’s no stopping you from climbing up in Alexa, but you need to have an extraordinary website for that purpose. You need to attract monthly millions of page views to rank high on Alexa. Just to give you an idea about the nature of its services, you should know that the aforementioned basic membership is ideal for sites up to 10 million page views every month! It is 50 million monthly page views for those who should use ‘the Insight’ analytical tool! Alexa recommends ‘the Advanced’ analytic tool for sites that have up to 150 million page views per month.

So, to summarize, concentrate on good SEO, and stay away from black hat SEO (search engines are mighty serious about it) to bring in more traffic onto your site, and improve your Alexa ranks automatically. You can also download the free Alexa toolbar as it may be useful in determining the daily rank of your website.

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