Mobile app development for business

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Service area for business is the most differing business field regarding automation tools. This is such because each service has its own particular principles, issues, limits and nuances. Even the location of the business influences the processes a lot. Customers are always seeking for a high quality in services – they want transparency, attention, courtesy, punctuality and most of all they want to feel unique. Business owners want their customers to return. That might happen only if they fit together

Despite the diversity of areas, automation in services business areas is usually associated with the following processes:

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM). Business owners want to track everything. They want their leads, contacts, clients and requests on hand. They want understand what their customers want so they are able to satisfy their needs at any time, award bonuses or discounts if their customers are loyal and communicate easily with them. Usual functions in such kind of the systems are the following:
    • Customer database with names, contact details and other relevant data. Database must be easy to search through and user friendly
    • Marketing tools such as email marketing or calls: using the database of customers they can find pieces of information to help them increase the loyalty and activity of their customers or the ordering process
    • Polls and surveys for marketing research and collection information to help improve the quality of service
  • Ordering and payments. Systems can be used as a tool to handle the ordering and payments processes, including:
    • Placing requests for services and evaluating the initial cost, they get connected with customers in CRM, tracked properly and saved in history
    • Handling payments: integrating electronic payment such as Credit Card payment, PayPal, Amazon Check out or any kind of gateway to make payments easy will simplify the cash flow, increase the trust customers have in the business and give freedom to ways of payment. Customers like to have an easy way to pay for your service and this way the business will increase their income and profit.
    • Reporting: as the system handles and saves all customers, their orders and payments, Business owners can obtain any kind of report without any human factor in just a few minutes.
    • Managing Coupons, Discounts and Credit: since all customers are processes within the system you can easy find the loyal ones and give them a discount to encourage them to keep buying your services.
  • Delivery and routing: one of the most important features that a business service can have in on-time delivery. Routing tool integrated in your system can do the following:
    • Build a daily plan for your delivery service so you can optimize their route – include all stops they need to make in a certain time, plus optimize the route so in order to save time and fuel
    • Having live tracking software shows how your delivery service handles the plan and if there are problems that appear during their deliverance.
    • Your driver can receive the plan directly on their mobile application with an integrated route planner. This is the easiest way to contact your drivers immediately and directly and this way you can even track them at any moment.
    • The routing tool can give information to the customers about how their order is processed, when the time to charge comes and etc.
    • Using a routing tool will increase transparency for your customers. Planning will help you stay under the plan which will increase the trust customers have in your business
    • Delivery and routing planner helps you save time, expenses and increases the quality of your service.


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