Survival of the Smartest phones

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It is impossible imagining a life without cell phone. It plays an important role in our life as an alarm waking us up when the sun rises, we carry it to the workplace, the gymnasium, to the dinner tables and even snuggle in bed with it very close to our pillow. There are even people who suffer from nomophobia that is fear of getting separated from a mobile phone.
On the availability of 3G and 4G networks, retina display, super fast processors, phones are now capable of browsing the web just as fast as a PC, checking high quality images, social media networking, online money transfers, e-bill payments, restaurant and movie booking and schedule management are all easy now.
These days a mobile phone app is available literally for everything in life, from cooking to invention for all age groups from toddler to the elderly. The phone models are also changing, previously they used to be with a small screen and just black and white display and weighed heavy, now they have gotten sleek, slender, stylish and smart of course. There are new upgraded models releasing into the market in every 2 months or so.
Purchasing and using a expensive smart phones is not just about statement making. The features the phone offers justifies its heavy price tag. With great number of companies launching new models into the market, competition has never been so heavy and this innovation has become the secret for survival among the top smart phone manufacturers.
Until the year 2007 the cell phone market was dominated by Blackberry which was the smart phone that for the first time provided the users with facility to check their email while they are on the go. It earned “business device” tag with corporate people making this phone their best choice for personal and professional purpose. Steve Jobs, the then CEO of Apple and the Apple team had to recreate cell phone and offer the world of mobile lovers a reliable sleek phone with great multimedia capabilities, touch display, camera that was entirely different from all the other phones that tech world has offered.
Lots of mobile phones crazy lovers waited anxiously in front of the stores even before they opened to get a brand new revolutionary gadget, the iPhone.
To not fall back, Google has undertook a lot of tech companies for developing a mobile phone OS, The Androis, which gives Apple a cutthroat competition. Another competitor, rather “Arch Rival” would be the correct term o Apple is the South Korean based company Samsung. In some places, it has even outrun the iPhone sales.
Tech bloggers always eagerly wait for new launches speculating about the upgrades from months in advance.
The internet is generally full of gossip and rumors speculating about the launch of a smart phone. The real launching event is an extravagant event. Blackberry has launched a new phone 210 with upgraded OS to compete against sales of Samsung III, phone and Nokia Lumia, expecting to win back its place in the Smart phone market.
People over the years are going crazy for smart phone, shops that are selling smart phones are buzzing with people at all seasons. The rush usually increases when a new Apple or a Android product releases into the market. Smartphone markets are increasing in cities with people growing aware of the new launches.
Sometimes the craze is so large that advance booking end up in just a few hours or in 1 or 2 days when the booking starts. This is recently evident with the iPhone release.
Since people now just do not care about the price tag for one reason is that the features justify the price and the other reason is that the mobile phone retailers are offering EMI schemes and deals during holiday season.
Phones these days are being used for recreational also business purposes, so people are preferring smart phones which run on the operating system Android, iOS or Windows 8 OS. People who are looking for a smart phone completely for the purpose of business it is better to buy a Blackberry phone. The Android phones are available for low price but the display quality and processor speed are some of the drawbacks to these Android phones.
Android phones are popularly known for its innumerable apps and huge models of phones run on Android OS. But if the sales of the smart phones are taken into account iPhone is the lead contender of the smart phone race.
The iPhone has great features and is user friendly. It is for these reasons that users do not mind paying a heavy price for iPhone. What is best about an iPhone is they are virus free and do not hang up. Apple is best known for innovation and technology.
Opting for the latest technology can be an expensive choice, but if you let this wonderful gadget sticks to you like a shadow for the entire day, then the additional bucks you spend on a smart phone is all worth it.
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