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Tablet Gaming Reviews is a blog which provides many reviews on a wide selection of devices, suited to your needs.

Not only do they offer reviews but they offer there game of the month which is a great idea. Most of all they are decent known games.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the gaming industry, it’s a common belief that the next big thing is tablets gaming. In the interest of being ahead of the curve, we’ve put together a blog dedicated to the ins and outs of tablet gaming.


Along with game and technology reviews, we provide readers with the option to submit their own content so that our website has a variety of informed opinions. Our goal at is to be the place to go to for everything related to mobile gaming.

Among other things, some of our most recent work includes reviews on the Archos Gamepad, the Razer Edge, the Wikipad, and the Nvidia Shield; and as time goes on, we will continue reviewing the newest and coolest devices as they’re released.

They provide reviews for, IOS, Android, and Windows, and other formats.

Here is an example review from them.


ShadowGun review

Become John Slade, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, and hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon.  Sneak into Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fight off his barrage of battle droids, cyborgs, and humanoids using all types of weapons.

Great graphics
Awesome Gameplay
Good storyline
Available for the Wikipad controller

Too much dialogue
Configuring the controller to you’re liking
Too expensive

Shadowgun is a really fun and action packed game.  The gameplay is awesome and the graphics make it even better.  Shadowgun works really well with the Wikipad controller.  However, I did not like that I had to switch the control settings for the controller to work on the Wikipad.  On most games, the controller works without configuring the controls.  Overall, this is a really fun game, but it is expensive.


You can find these awesome reviews at the website (above) or below on the Youtube channel.

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