Taking Your iPad Abroad Without Burning Your Pockets

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With iPads getting the pride of place as the “second favourite” gadget after smartphones, it’s not uncommon to find people being completely inseparable from the tablets. Many people can’t even go on holiday without their iPads and need to take it with them.


But with excessive data roaming charges, it’s not always the best idea to take it abroad. When using your smartphone or tablet abroad you could end up paying an eye watering $1 or 69p per MB of data. That’s right, per megabyte.

Even with a roaming friendly tariff, the costs can be excessive. So how do you make sure you can use your devices abroad without racking up huge charges?

Tip 1: Disable Cellular

First and foremost you should turn off cellular before you leave your country. Make sure you’re only using a wifi connection to access the internet. That way your costs are manageable. (Note: mobile phones have other call roaming charges too).

Tip 2: Use Tether

A fantastic and inexpensive way to use your iPad abroad is to use a mifi device which will tether a mobile broadband connection to up to five devices. You may be able to take a mifi device from your home country abroad and use a local sim card. But to be sure it’s best to purchase a device and sim card locally.

Mifi devices are becoming increasingly popular and can be an inexpensive way to connect all your gadgets to the internet including those of your friends and family. You should be able to purchase a device immediately from the airport booths after you land.

Tip 3: Hire an iPad

This may not be applicable for all but hiring an iPad is a good option if you prefer not to deal with carrying your iPad with you in your hand luggage or if you’re normally not a user but want to use one for reading or passing time while you’re abroad. UbookRental is a UK based iPad hire company that rents to businesses and individuals.

Tip 4: Use a Local Sim in your cellular iPad

This is a handy way to use your iPad abroad if you don’t want to deal with a mifi device. But bear in mind you will need to ensure that your iPad is not network locked and can accept a foreign sim. All networks in the UK use GSM networks. If your iPad was locked to only use CDMA (common in North America), then your iPad will not accept a UK sim card.



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