The 5 Deadly Sins That Magento E-Commerce Often Attempts

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indexYou may get offended after reading the post but it is a bitter truth. A vast majority of Magento e-commerce users are attempting similar mistakes by not making the full use of their resourceful web content management system for achieving a phenomenal success in online shopping world. Magento is a renowned open source web content management, which is known for simplifying the tough job of e-commerce websites. There are multiple reasons to go with this CMS tool to make an excellent e-commerce website. It has several virtues to help you in registering a mark of success in online shopping world. However, you should use all the features of this open source tool in a right manner to get the esteemed results from your efforts. For this purpose, you can discuss with renowned Magento programmers to learn the right way of using Magento.

Technically, you should try to understand the value of each feature to make a right use of every single Magento feature for grabbing the attention of targeted online buyers and to heighten your sales ratio.

Here you will get to know five deadly sins that you attempts unknowingly while using your open source web content management system.

1# Blog Is Useless

By choosing this CMS tool for your e-commerce store, you can easily create and associate a blog with your virtual store. You just need to ask from your dedicated Magento programmers for adding a blog in your website. Usually, online sellers see the blog as a useless stuff and do not lay required focus on posting relevant contents in their site blogs. On the other hand, blog is really an important edition for any e-commerce site. With the help of your official blog, you can communicate with your customers in an informal manner. For example, you can share tough procurement process of any particular product and ask your customers to share their experience with your website. Apart from this, you can also use your blog to publish your official releases and as a dedicated publication of your business organization.

2# Facebook Twitter Is Useless

You can have any perception towards Facebook and Twitter on personal level. However, you should not take these social networking sites lightly from business point of view. It is a fact that 75 out of 100 social networking site users prefer to buy online instead of going physically on shops. In another study, it has been found that 44% of total Twitter searches are product related searches. Therefore, it is clear that people are using these networks for finding the stuff of their personal usage.

 3# Reviews Are Useless

If you have a perception that nobody read the reviews of a particular product or service before buying online then you are certainly making a blunder. Considerably, online buyers rely on reviews and ratings of a particular product before making their final purchases. Therefore, you should not take the momentum of positive reviews lightly. With Magento, you can publish product reviews and ratings in an easy manner.

4# Is Custom Landing Pages Are Alien to You

Many business owners did not even realize the value of having custom landing pages in their online shopping websites. It will be really an important addition to your e-commerce store. By adding a custom landing page in your website, you can easily bring your customers on a particular page of your website.

5# Analytics Are Of No Use

You can rely on a simple fact that analytics are like bits and parcels for online shopping portals. Any shopping site cannot gain enough momentum if marketing efforts are not going in a right motion. You just need to install Google analytics in your website. It will give detailed information of your customers, their locations, gender, age, and nationality. These details will help you in designing special marketing strategies to cater your customers.

If you are a Magento user and attempting these sins then it is sure that you are not making a right use of your open source web content management system. You just need to understand the potential of each feature and right manner of using that feature for increasing the ROI of your e-commerce website.


Author bio- Nick Carter is a freelance blogger associated with Magento development services at full-time basis. He has been blogging for company for past 5 years and currently heads the editorial team of various magento web technology blogs.



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