The All-Important Need of Having Computer Internet Security

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Communications connectivityIn the information technology sector, the dominance of internet is widely known. Without Internet our technological and digital informational growth would come to halt. Internet is so much in power now that it has become our most treasured and most important infrastructure for all of our technical needs and digital growth.

Not only in technical and digital sector, almost all the other services and industries also seeing a surge of internet dominance and use in their working, such as banking, education, transport, telecom, shopping, and many more.

Need for Computer Internet Security

On one side, where Internet has so many advantages as it lets people to connect with entire world and perform several tasks, at the same time, on the other side, it makes you prone to a wider number of threats and attacks from harmful programs and users, such as virus attacks, identity theft and etc.

These days, people carry on most of their banking and financial transaction online; not limited to these only, people also share their personal details on number of social and other websites; these tasks when processed online may cause their financial and personal identities to be stolen by some cyber criminals. Thus it requires some serious and effective measures to be taken on the parts of the users to conduct a thorough and stiff analysis.

Due to internet uses, several malicious programs attack our system and harm all the important data by infecting them; this leads to the system’s crash and loss of useful data.

Symptoms of Infected computer system

The web or cyber criminals are smart enough, that they can easily steal important data from user’s system or spread malicious programs to badly infect the system, without even leaving a single clue. But, still there are few conditions which when paid attention can help the user in early identification of a bug from internet use and help the user to place computer internet security features at the earliest; few of the symptoms are listed below:

•    The browser starts functioning slow and adds applications itself without the users consent.
•    The computer hard disk starts stacking up with no appropriate reason.
•    Sending of emails and posts unknowingly from the user’s mail and social network accounts.
•    The system programs and applications starts loading slowly and various applications start malfunctioning and crashing.

Ways to protect Computer from Internet threats:

Computer Internet security requires some basic and essential steps by the users that can preserve attacks from cyber criminals and harmful programs from the internet:
•    Always open only those sites which the user is sure of providing full security.
•    Do not give your personal information to any unknown identity or non-trusted source.
•    One of the most important recommendations for computer internet security is to use updated and advanced anti-virus programs which have the highest security features. One should not install any add-ons and extensions to that browser from unknown or non-trusted sites and applications.
•    Do not open e-mail attachments from random e-mails. These mails contain links to those sites which pose a security threat to the user, and contaminate the entire system by downloading Trojan and other viruses, and also build a passage for cyber criminals to steal personal information.
•    Always make sure to make strong and non-guessable passwords for the online accounts.

While the use of the Internet is to make information access more viable and handy to the user, it also poses a great threat to the user’s computer. Having a robust and reliable computer internet security in place will ensure a safe and secure web surfing experience.



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