Thematic Conception – The Formula for Popular App Games! Combine and Conquer!

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Topic: There are so many types of aap games you can emulate but how can you create the perfect game storm to ensure that your game gets attention and people download it. These are tips that will help you in selecting your next game concept!


Combine Game Themes to Increase Popularity

Themes, themes, themes….you have all heard how important market research is in terms of selecting popular games concepts that the market is calling for and that you can deliver a great game with. When I first began considering app and gaming development, I began to look at the market trends in finding what the demographic and target audience was seeking for. I would ask myself questions like, “What would a teenager want to play?” or “What are kids into these days?” and it would lead me to look at those category of games to see what they were downloading the most.

What you will notice is that most app games have the same themes. Military, Zombies, Ninjas, Monsters, Cars, Bikes, and Planes are all popular. They always have been for most teenager, hasn’t it? Being a huge retro gamer, I was heavily into these types of games myself as youngster. Those themes never grow old. They are solid themes that you can use in creating great games. But, here is the thing…what will separate you from the rest? What is it that your game offers that is different and unique? The reality is that most of these games need a new Thematic Conception…

Say What?! Yes, what I mean is that you have the start with the great themed foundation and conceive a new product, idea, game from those themes. What better way to do this than to combine themes to morph/conceive a new game!

Take for example some of the top games in the Apple Store…

  1. Temple Run
  2. Clash of Clans
  3. Candy Crush
  4. Modern War
  5. Plants vs Zombies
  6. Bike Race

Ok, so what I would do is create a new storyline based on these 6 games…

We know that Temple Run is an endless running game of some dude in a dungeon…then we have titans, warriors type of game, we have candies to include, a military scene, zombies and bikes…what can we do with all this?

Get creative!!!!

Why not make an endless running game that takes place on a candy land scene and there is a character that has to run and collect candy (as if in the willy wonka chocolate factory) where these morbid looking zombie umpa lumpas come at your character and must be destroyed. Oh but wait…the are on tricycle bikes…

Good game, huh? You are also capturing a wider audience and you know have tons of keywords that you can use to title app game and make it a popular hit.

My advice is simply to:

  1. Go through the app store and start combining themes. Be sure you add at least 2 or more.
  2. Make a list of those themes and give each keyword driven titles.
  3. Create prototypes of each character and add more thematic concepts per level, per scene, per characters.
  4. The more you add, the better your chances you are going to create a popular trend.


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