Skins: Varity of different types of skins

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If you are a an online gamer the chances of knowing are huge and if you don’t know the game then what are you waiting for go and play it. is the number one growing game in the industry right now and the growth of this company happened when they added the skins Agar.

The skins represent a different kind of a competition to the players because they add a different kind of a trill in which players enjoy a lot. There are several of types of skins that are in this every type has around 25 to 40 skins available for the players from all around the world and the best part is that you can use every skin that you desire.

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Skins flags

One of the four types of skins is the national flag skins type in which all of the national flags form all around the world are used as a skins. It is hard to tell which skins from this type are the most popular among the players because everybody uses their own national flag as a skin, except the players who don’t have their national flags as a skin on this game, so with having that in mind the most popular national flag skins are: USA, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, India, Poland, Croatia and Canada.

Skins skins

From mine perspective these are the most used and most popular skins that are in this game. The reason of why these skins are so popular among the players is because some politicians are more famous then rock stars and some players adore them. The most popular skins that are used from this type of skins are the: Putin, Fidel, Merkel, Berlusconi, Boris, Clinton, Bush, Chavez, Queen and the most popular of them all is Obama. Besides these most popular politician skins there are so many other, but if you are wondering where to find them then the right place for you is a place where every single one of the skins is added there.

Skins skins

When they added the national and the politician skins the next reasonable thing to add was the brand skins because there are some brands that are more popular than some countries. These type of skins are used a lot in this game, but the ones that are the most popular of this type are the: Facebook, 4chan, 8chan, NASA, Tumblr and the most popular Reddit that has broken all of the records of usage.

Skins skins

For the last type of the skins the developers wanted to add something that it was so popular on the internet, but at the same time not related to the brands. The answer to this mystery was simple and those were the internet memes which tuned out to be one of the most popular skins on this game. In this type there are not much skins, but the ones that they do have are very popular among the players and those skins are: Sanic, Earth, Moon, Pokerface, Mars and the last and the most popular is Doge. The players who support and enjoy playing this game are ready for some new skins to be added on this game, but what will those skins we will see.



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