What to expect from APPLE’s event.

So as it happens Apple sent invitation of their new apple’s event to be held on 22nd October at Yerba Buena Center,San Francisco. It has sort of become a tradition that before actual event starts,there are several leaked images of Apple products supposed to be released during the event & this event is no different. As with many events in the past we had some leaked images of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 both of which said to be tweaked with new hardware as well as improve20131017-010957.jpgments such as Touch ID.So far we have pretty good idea of what’s coming and we are here to brief you.
It’s been a while and we all agree that there’s a need of refreshment to the iPad lineup.Since the original iPad the design has been virtually same with the standard size of 9.7″ inches. The only noticeable change was all new lightning pin connecter which was introduced with iPhone 5.Hopefully we’ll be seeing a whole new design aspect with iPad 5.Based on leaked images iPad 5 just takes off where iPad 4 was left off. It looks like iPad 5 has got new design although it features same 9.7″ inches display it also maintains flat aluminium back and rounded edges.
There’s no denying that iPads with retina display on have been huge success,with high resolution display and powerful processing capabilities.Rumours are indicating that the iPad 5 will have better hardware than it’s predecessor,perhaps introduction of ‘A7X’ which will be very much capable at power management. We’re expecting same 10 hours of battery life as iPad 4.iPad 5 will also feature same 64 bit OS architecture as iPhone 5S.
Will Apple built finger scanning technology into iPad 5? It’s really not that hard to tell because after seeing it on iPhone 5S, customers will not tolerate any exclusivity.Another thing or question is raised with colours of iPad 5. Will it be available in silver white? Space grey? gold? Well, I’m sure there’s something for everyone.
One more speculation has been made by technologist about iPad mini 2.Based on leaked images and some very inconsistent rumours there’s a possibility of next generation of iPad mini to be on sale in upcoming weeks.However we’re not sure of what’s coming but we’re expecting it to feature same design but much thinner and lighter profile.With that said iPad mini 2 could run on same ‘A7’ chip as iPhone 5S.
As of now it would be really unfair to say whether it’ll have Touch ID or not.
As far as Apple’s new OS mavericks & Mac Pro is concerned we guess we’ll just have to keep our hopes high.
So tell us what do you like to see in the Apple event.



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